digging a little deeper
collection of instagram images with a variety of lego minifigures

What’s your joy?

As business owners, it’s about the hustle: how can we monetize what we love? But what if, instead, you created something for the sake of being creative?

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image of a blank piece of paper, green and blue pencils, paper clips and binder clips with smiles drawn on

No, really, marketing can be fun

Emails. Advertising. Postcards. You know that you need to market your business but how do you even begin? Grab a notebook and your calendar because now we’re going to do some planning.

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woman at her computer with her palm on her forehead and a surprised expression

Wait, website copyright 2009?

You know your website is important to your business, but do you make it a priority to check behind the scenes on a regular basis? Here are things you should be checking in the new year.

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Office supplies including a calendar and stapler

A New Year’s Checklist

The new year has begun and the holiday excitement is quieting. This is the perfect time to inventory your communication and marketing items.

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