a little bit about me

You probably came to this page to learn about me. Is she creative? (I am.) Is she passionate? (Very much so.) Should I hire her? (I think you should.)

But every designer will tell you that.

Let me tell you about this designer. 

I want to build a relationship with my client. To work together to make your organization shine.

I believe in going all in. I don’t just work on a project, I dig in. I will stick with it until we’ve created something fantastic. I work collaboratively. I don’t work for you, I work with you. I believe creation is better that way.

I’m not shy, I’m not quiet and I’m very enthusiastic. I like to talk through challenges. This means you’ll get a creative and passionate design partner. And probably a terrible dad joke or two.

I spend my free time consuming too much pop culture, reading as often as I can and knitting whenever (and wherever) I am.

LET’S CONNECT and start telling your story.

Core Values

You should know who I am and what’s important to me as a business owner.

I want to build relationships with my clients and partners.

I love working with people. I want to understand your needs, recognize your challenges and find out what your passions are. I love talking through challenges and working together to find solutions.

I want to support your work.

The work we do together should make you shine. We are telling your story so what I do will work towards that goal.

I want to find joy in what I do.

I want to find humor and fun in what we are doing and in our working relationship. While the work is serious, we should enjoy working together.

I believe in diversity and inclusion.

I value equity, inclusion and dignity for all. I want my work to support other human beings with kindness and compassion.

I want my clients to have trust in what I do.

If you don’t trust me, we would be better off parting ways.